a HAPPY holiday

The recent snow activity was not cheerfully welcomed by all.  The Rancher down the way was not too pleased at the extra work that meant for him and his wife with feeding and caring for livestock. But as for our Pod, the snow has brightened our smiles and brought a chipper energy back to the house.  Winter with no snow is… well… sad… and we found ourselves working extra hard to keep our chins up these last weeks… it’s hard knowing that we are heading into no-snow-Winter without any Christmas to look forward to… (sigh).  So the kids and I put our heads together and decided to create our very own New Zealand winter holiday.

After brainstorming a basket full of titles for the season, we voted and narrowed, and voted and narrowed, until we widdled down to four names, as follows:  1. Winter Wonderland Days  2. Snuggle-Buggle Celebration  3.  Happy New New Zealand Winter and 4. (The Winner) Happy Holiday … short and sweet and to the point … not at all what I would have picked… but PERFECT because my babies chose it and I LOVE it :)!

Well… The festivities have begun!

Welcome to our HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

No holiday is complete without a little baking. So we kicked this one off with the only thing one should kick off a Happy Holiday with… Sugar Cookies!!! How can one do without these little sweet buttery treats at least once a winter!?

And then there was this…


But what else can you do!  If a project keeps 7 children happy and they are all cheerfully working together… DO NOT INTERRUPT … even if it means there will be millions and millions of teeny-tiny paper slices scattered all over your dining room and kitchen until next year. My Mother-in-law Kathy (Hi Kathy!) taught me to weigh a possible mess by the time it will buy you vs. the time it will take to clean up… ex.  Teeny-tiny paper scraps will buy me at least an hour of contented quiet – the cleanup will be minimal and is not necessary straight away… “Ok kids, go for it!”  Whereas peanut butter smeared over kitchen counters and cabinets may buy me a good hour of peace as well, but the mess is NOT one I would happily attend to… there would probably be some growling involved… Uhhhh… “NOPE that is NOT a good idea… STOP IT NOW!”



…Carrying on with our HAPPY HOLIDAY (thank you very much)…

Somebody likes the camera 🙂

Fat little hands at work…
PULEEASSSE!! Who could resist that



















… See what I mean!!!  Happy children … busy hands … an hours worth of peace!  I am totally happy to deal with those bazillion bits of paper… sometime… when I feel like it… but not now!

And this is what the rest of us did…

Daddy took a shower (no, there will not be a picture of that)

and Ted and I cooked dinner in peace…  case closed… what more can I say!

Okay… I will say ONE more thing (or two… maybe three)… just to finish off this post… I should let you know that my Peas actually cleaned up after themselves!!!  Headed by big-bro-Lloydy.

Not only did I bypass the Peanut Butter mess, but I missed out on cleaning up the paper mess too!

What a lucky Mama I am!

Cheers to our HAPPY HOLIDAY off to a good start!


6 thoughts on “a HAPPY holiday

  1. Tica – I’m so excited that you have started this blog!!! I started a blog awhile back but have dropped the ball a bit which I have been meaning to start back up. I will look forward to all your entries. You have so much to offer. I always look forward to Tica ‘tidbits’ that Cody brings back everyday after work hehe. Livvy x

    • Yay Livvy! I guess it’s time for ALL of us to get writing (thanks Lloyd for the prompting!)… seems to be the best way to stay in touch… even when we live in the same town 🙂 (which I LOVE by the way… knowing that you are only across the city … however, with babies, all things are different, and same town or not, a ‘quick-visit’ doesn’t exist)… I’ll be clicking your blog on Ted’s next feed 🙂

    • I know!! I stumbled into it in a funny way :)… (You’ll appreciate this) The day I arrived home from the hospital with Ted, I was opening a Libra pouch 🙂 and happened to read the funny little quotes that were written on the paper inside, and this was one of them … “On average there are eight peas in a pod.” … seemed fitting as we had just brought baby #8 home that day! And the slogan has stuck… thus our “fullpod”.

  2. Thanks for the blog invitation. I will have to challenge my brain again and learn how to navigate this. Hope it is a good way for you,Tica to get thoughts down.
    I loved all the photos and comments.
    How is Dustys hand? Is all better?
    Will that kids be entering their comments on the blog too? Maybe as part of their school?
    Did you send this invite to all your sibs?
    Love you much, MOM

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