Winter in Canterbury

Not only did we flip-flop to the other side of the world, but our seasons flip-flopped too!  We’ve just entered JUNE and we are heading right into WINTER!

We are told that it rarely snows in Canterbury, but in the 11 months that we’ve been here we’ve experienced 3 “snowstorms” … nothing like the snow we knew in the Mid-West, but enough to make a few snowballs and a couple of snowmen; and certainly enough to make the news down here!  Perhaps we brought the snow with us 🙂 . Anyway, we’re glad we did!  What a fun few snow days we had!

The Full Pod with their snow-fort. A nice wet snow! Great for forts and snowball fights and lots and LOTS of wet clothes to hang by the fire.
Betsy is having a moment as Aspen won the squabble over who was to carry Ted… rrrrrrr… being a kid can be tough! Plus, it would be a little unrealistic to have every kid smiling in every photo… It sure was kind of Betsy to offer a cute little pout for this photo 🙂 .

Ahh… there’s nothing better than having a sister!
Makes me miss my own!!!!



2 thoughts on “Winter in Canterbury

  1. As I go to sleep in 80 degree weather and wake up to 100 degrees (peaking on the 1-teens daily) here in Qatar, it makes me dream of returning to the black hills where the snow is certain and the winter clothes waiting for my return! Cute little winter git-ups on the Schad peas!

    • Yup… your temp is a big contrast to ours right now! You are probably hanging by the pool today, and we’re all cuddled by the fire as a cold snap from Antarctica pushes upon us. The kids “winter-gitups” were layers and layers and layers of clothes as we did not bring much for winter gear over with us… But even though they did not have the ideal clothing to wear, I loved seeing them figure out how to make it work with what they had. Good-on-em!

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