Kaleb 2012

Kaleb is our second born baby.  Easy going and full of fun, he’s a natural at… everything!

Age:  9

Birthday:  August 23

Favorite Color:  Orange

Favorite Food:  Mac N Cheese (Reminiscent of America, but not available here in NZ)

Favorite Treat:  Caramel Corn

Favorite Thing to Do:  Learning Martial Arts (of which he is a natural of course, and hopes to start into formal lessons again someday)

Favorite Things About New Zealand:  There are REALLY BIG fish to catch!  Kaleb also loves going to the bach (Kiwi term for a holiday home) that we often visit at Little Pigeon Bay on Banks Peninsula… it is a totally secluded bay with an old farm house, complete with private rocky beach and all the crabs you can catch!  He is also pretty good at finding Paua (a cool sea snail known in the US as abalone).

Kaleb holding a huge salmon Dad caught on the Broken River. Just took pictures and let the big-guy go.

Here’s Kaleb with paua. The one on the left is an empty shell (very pretty and often used in jewelry), and the one on the right is still alive just pried off the rocks with the butter-knife. They are good to eat, but this guy was a little too small to keep so he went back in.

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One thought on “Kaleb 2012

  1. Hi Kaleb,

    I’m STARVING for some good ‘ol paua! Can’t wait to go back to LPB so you can scout out some for us. Maybe we need to start a fast food place over here in the States called “Kaleb’s Paua To Go”. You think Americans would go for it?? Love the photo of you and that giant salmon. I show it to all my buddies over here. They’re all impressed. Can’t wait to see you guys!

    Love you!! Pop

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