Lloyd 2012

Lloyd(y) is our first born, and a Stellar Big-brother!

Age:  11

Birthday:  April 21

Favorite Colors:  Green & Brown

Favorite Foods:  Macaroni & Cheese and Hotdogs (all American by the way… we cannot get either of these down here, which makes them all the yummier!)

Favorite Treat:  Popcorn… Lloyd has developed his very own ‘Special Seasoning’, and is always put on-duty if popcorn is what we are craving… Mmmmm is it YUM!

Favorite Things to Do:  Music, Dancing (the last wedding-dance we attended ended with Lloyd wearing holes in the soles of both his shoes!), and Art (hands down the preferred ‘class’ at homeschool).

Favorite Things About New Zealand:  Hunting and Fishing with Dad, and swimming in the pool where we live or the ocean which is nearby.

Lloyd also thought you should know… he likes building and creating, jiu jitsu (he has had to leave behind formal lessons for a season, but … he’s a boy!  And a SCHAD-boy at that… nuf said) … And most of all, he likes using his imagination… it’s what fuels all the rest.

So, possums are rodents here… they were introduced a while back (not native), and are WAY overpopulated causing problems for ranchers. Fair game any time in this country, and prized for their amazing silky fur. This is Lloyd with his first Possum! He shot it with a slug-gun, and shortly after this photo was taken we found out it wasn’t entirely dead as we thought… playing possum!  Freaked us out!  But ended with Lloyd taking home his fur–Lloyd won.

What a catch!  (Fishing with Dad and Kaleb)

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3 thoughts on “Lloyd 2012

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  2. Hi Big Guy!! I still remember that night of possum hunting at LPB with all the boys. You’re still the only human being I know who ever held up a live, angry possum by it’s tail and lived to tell about it. Nice!!!! I hope your dad keeps spreading that story around NZ. You’ll become a legend!! Are you still working on the art (can’t wait to see the new stuff!), or do you have other hobbies now too?

    love you….pop

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