Faith 2012

Faith is our third born baby and our first born baby girl.  She’s been nicknamed by Poppi, the “Blizzard-Baby” after her exciting birth at home due to a huge spring blizzard.  She is THE BEST helper ever, always ready to lend a hand!

Age:  8

Birthday:  March 1

Favorite Color:  Light Blue

Favorite Food:  Pigs in a Blanket (We created our own version of these that everyone in our family loves… might have to post this one later.)

Favorite Treat:  Chuck E Cheese (Another American item that is missed by the kids.)

Favorite Thing to Do:  Play with Grace

Favorite Things About New Zealand:  That Big-Betsy and Uncle Cody are here

Faith would also like you to know that she really likes making friends and picking flowers.

“Woo Hoo!”
(Gotta love a good pbj!)

Faithy modeling her Birthday presents.
Gorgeous, Precious, Sweet little thing!

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3 thoughts on “Faith 2012

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  2. Hi my Blizzard Girl (can’t call you a baby anymore!!)! I guess I owe you a couple DQ Blizzards by now. Keep track so that next time we’re at Dairy Queen together I can buy you one for each year we missed. Yes, you have to eat all of them at the same time. (You’ll probably get sick, so we can bring Cookie to help you!!) Can’t wait to go hunting for star fish (and paua) with you again at Little Pigeon Bay!! Miss you TONS!

    Love you! poppi

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