Wyatt 2012

Wyatt is our sixth-born baby.  He is his Mama’s heart-throb and has a constant chatter-box that is on from dawn to dusk.

Age:  3

Birthday:  August 14

Favorite Color:  Blue and Green and Black

Favorite Food:  Chicken Nuggets

Favorite Treat:  M&M’s and Jelly Beans

Favorite Thing to Do:  Play games with the kids

Favorite Things about New Zealand:  Going to Little Pigeon Bay and being with my family

‘Look how cute I am! And squeaky clean too! Mostly I’m pretty ratty, but Mama made me take a shower the day this was taken… it’s alright though, I went straight to the sand-pile after our pictures were taken.’

This box and marker were just laying there… “I wonder what these are here for?”… “I know!” …

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One thought on “Wyatt 2012

  1. Hi Wy!! I have a bet with everyone over here that you’re going to be the TALLEST boy in your family some day. I bet you’ll grow up just like your dad’s brothers……a little slow and wiry at first, but then in High School you’ll EXPLODE in height and pas everyone up. You just wait and see if I’m right!! Can’t wait to see you again and play some games.

    Love you…poppi

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