Aspen 2012

Aspen is our 4th Baby Angel.  Another Precious little soul!  And the Fashionista of the family.  If ever we need an honest and trustworthy opinion, we ask Aspen.

Age: 6

Birthday:  November 14

Favorite Color(s):  Bluish-Greenish, Purple, and Light Blue

Favorite Food(s):  Quiche and Chimichangas

Favorite Treat:  Ice Cream Sundaes

Favorite Thing to Do:  Playing with Friends

Favorite Things about New Zealand:  Playing with Emme and the Sunderlands, staying at Little Pigeon Bay, and looking for starfish at the ocean.

Our Gorgeous little Aspen modeling her new gown from Gramma… What fun to get a package from the States!

Aspen with 2 starfish from Little Pigeon Bay.

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6 thoughts on “Aspen 2012

  1. Hey guys this is Cailyn. Faith you did a really good job me and my mom are impressed!!! Aspen can tu share some when I start wearing makup, and Faith can you do it for me???? I love you guys!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

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  3. Hi Aspen! You LOVE purple don’t you!!!!! You make that purple dress look good!!! Glad to hear you like school so much. I bet you have TONS of friends. What is your favorite thing to learn about?

    Love you! Poppi

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