A Trip to the Dentist…

Ted and Lloyd
Aspen, Faith and Betsy
Nalia, Kaleb and Wyatt

A trip to the dentist is not usually an event that most human beings look forward to; least of all kids.  However, in our family, the trip we were able to take the other day was an event that made the countdown-calendar.  With two little ones who had visible cavities that were actually starting to hurt (Yikes!) the group had been LONGING to go the the dentist!

Well, now that we are FINALLY legally allowed to stay in the country, we have begun to settle into regular-life routines such as visiting the dentist.  And, lucky for us, dental for kids from 0 to 17 is FREE!

It felt like a fairly momentous occasion… like sinking roots in a little bit.

(And by the way, repairs for those cavity-teeth is scheduled ahead of us, and that too has made the count-down calendar… Whew!)

(Click here to Meet the Peas)


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