Betsy 2012

Betsy Pollyanna – our 5th Baby Angel.  PRECIOUS!  Our little girl is really growing up, and is quite mature for her whole five years of age; and yet FULL of Fun and Giggles!

Age:  5

Birthday:  March 30

Favorite Color:  Dark Red

Favorite Food:  Ramen Noodles

Favorite Treat:  Lollipop

Favorite Thing to Do:  Hold Ted

Favorite Things about New Zealand:  My friend Mercy!

‘This is me and my Cute-Self at Little Pigeon Bay.’

Camping at the beach… a little sand and a few crumbs can’t erase the cuteness of this Princess.

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3 thoughts on “Betsy 2012

  1. Hi Bets!!! Boy, your mom and dad sure picked out the right name for you! You remind me ALOT of your Aunt Betsy……just a sweetie through and through. I like that flower in your hair too! Can’t wait to go with you guys to Little Pigeon Bay again!! Fun!!

    love you….poppi

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