Nalia 2012

Nalia is 7th in birth-order and remains the BabyGirl of the family.  She has just about everyone in the family wrapped around her finger.  What an absolute Joy she is!

Age:  1

Birthday:  August 5

Favorite Color:  All

Favorite Food:  All

Favorite Treat:  All

Favorite Thing to Do:  Everything (except naps)

Favorite Things about New Zealand:  Being surrounded by my brothers and sisters that love me.

Oh! She’s cute!
Not one of us can resist this little Cuddler!

We call her “Morning Magic” around here.
She’s usually the first to appear in the morning, and whether she’s sporting a smile or a pout, she ALWAYS makes the morning brighter.

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5 thoughts on “Nalia 2012

  1. I sure do recognize it! Good times there!!! (Lotta dead ‘possum!) Hi Cookie!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!! I wish I had a pair of jammies just like that….they look SO comfortable! Before you know it, you’ll be a BIG sister to two peas. Hard to believe… were just the baby.

    Love you….poppi

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