Picnic PLEASE!

(Mama)    “What should we make for dinner kids… homemade pizza?”

(Peas)    “Nah.”

(Mama – shocked)    !!!!????

(Mama)    “Then what shall we have?”

(Peas)    “Let’s have Snacks and a Picnic.”

(Mama – surprised)    !!!???

(Peas)    “Please!”

(Mama)    “But it’s dark outside.”

(Peas)    “Please!”

(Mama)    “And it’s raining!”

(Peas)    “PULEEEASE!!!”

(Mama – defeated)    “Okay.”

Food Modeling By Lloyd

Ants on a Log By Faith


5 thoughts on “Picnic PLEASE!

  1. love this one…..thats what we had for dinner last night too….we’ve needed to get groceries for about 2 weeks so i’ve tapped into the blackler resourcefulness and that night broke into the last resort “ants on a log” …but it tasted so good!

    • Yes it does!! I think I’ll have Faith do a tutorial on How to Make Ants on a Log for her next post just for fun… And speaking of Blackler resourcefulness, Non just wrote me a great note part of it saying ” i wear different colored sox, not to be different, but in the Blackler spirit of frugalness, who throws away a good sock just cause it doesn’t have a match??” – LOVED THAT :O)

  2. This is Mic… And I Lovveee Picnics…Chris gets this stuff often. It made me smile to see that your kiddos appreciate the fun too. Thanks mom.:)

  3. Every time I eat peas that come in a pod, I now count the number. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just automatically hold them up to the light and start counting. Everyone looks at me like I’m nuts, and I eventually tell them all about the NZ peas. Anyway, most pods have 8, but a few have 6 or 7. I keep looking for the ones with 9. They’re hard to find, but there are some out there!!

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