Baby Seals!!!

This weekend’s adventure up the coast to see the Baby Seals at Ohau Stream has easily made one of the top 10 experiences of my life!

Just North of Kaikoura, baby seals have been finding their way up the stream to a little pool at the base of a waterfall where they can socialize and play while their mother’s fish.  Apparently there are about 200 baby seals that make their way to the “Nursery” every year all on their own.  The babies can be found at the pool from April to October, while their mama’s spend increasing amounts of time fishing to keep up with milk production for their pups.

This is one of those rare sites that is so far untouched by human-controls and therefore we were able to see these baby seals in their natural environment… truly up close and personal!  I am STILL giddy about it–what fun a trip!

Enjoy the show!

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