Kids Cooking with Nature

One of the Peas from the Pod next door has been keen to experiment with some of the plant life we have around the property… I think that is a GREAT idea!  I love inquisitive minds!

This week’s experiment was with Nettle.  You know, the pretty green plant, that when touched STINGS you!

Well, I’ve learned from this little Pea, that you are only stung if you brush the plant lightly, but if you grab hold tightly it does not sting… well, it doesn’t actually sting… the tiny little “hairs” act like needles that penetrate the skin injecting several chemicals that cause irritation.  If you grab hold tightly (and quickly) theoretically you will crush the needles before they can prick you.

If you do happen to get stung there are several clever cures.  The irritating chemicals are acidic, so if you can counteract with a basic substance, you should (mostly) eliminate the sore.  My favorite option is to use Dock Leaf, which is a plant that you can usually find growing nearby.  To see what Dock looks like and for more clever ideas (like using mud) check out this site…

Back to my little Pea Friend… She decided it would be fun to try making a tea from the plant.  And FUN it was!

Still… the experiment was definitely worth it for the information gleened, and the time spent with friends.  I look forward to the next inquisition!

(p.s. The little Pea-girls in this post were “borrowed” from the neighbor as my own Pea-girls were away… Another lot of Precious souls :))


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