Steak and Pepper Stir Fry


Well… I wish you’d been here, because IT WAS!!!

I’ve been on a Pioneer Woman kick and got the inspiration for this dish off of her site… No need to write out the recipe as you can get the rundown there (click here).  However, I will give you this bit of advice… don’t let a recipe put you off if you do not have ALL the ingredients it requires on hand… that does not necessarily mean you need to run to the supermarket for the missing ingredients OR that you need to change recipes… use your instinct and give it a whirl with what you’ve got on hand… What happens if you fail?  You can’t!… At the very least you’ll learn something–just make sure to laugh about it.

In the case of this recipe I eliminated some things, added some things and substituted some others… the result… YUM!  If you choose to follow the recipe exactly, I know you’ll love that too–can’t go wrong with a bit of Pioneer Woman!

Just for fun….

… here’s a tiny glimpse at life in our Pod…

We have a commercial size flat griddle set up in our Shed-Kitchen (runs on propane).  We cook 90% of our meals on this baby… it’s amazing!

The enormous amount of food you see here is for more than our family of 10…  Mama-of-the-Peas-next-door and I cook for each other every other night.  Hey, if you’re already cooking anyway, it’s not hard to add a few more ingredients and feed a few more.  It’s a fantastic arrangement… I LOVE it!

Perhaps there is someone in your world that would have fun swapping every once in a while?  Or maybe you can just make a little extra and drop it off to someone just-because.  Give it a Go!


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