Travel Tip #1… Trust the Journey

Travel and Creating/Finding spaces for Refreshing (especially for Families) is a great passion of mine… stemming from an even greater passion to see all people and families functioning at their fullest potential.  I am absolutely convinced that a key to that goal is Rest… Rest is something that must be practiced every day… and every now and again needs a Boost… which is what these posts are about.  We’ll talk more about ‘Rest’ in other places on this site, but right here and now Rest is in the context of Travel.

“Travel” is not so much about covering territory as it is about a Journey with Adventure…  A time and space set aside for stepping outside of ‘normal’ life and opening up to Possibility… it could be in your own back yard or it could be across the world…

Please know right up front – It won’t be perfect – as hard as you may try to make it so…. And that is the first Tip…

Don’t over-think it…

Trust the Journey

You never know where you’ll end up… but…

Chances are good it will be better than the place you would have picked if you were using just your noggin.

This past week we were given the opportunity to Journey to Golden Bay in the northern part of South Island New Zealand.  We didn’t really know what we were in for, but stumbled our way across some AMAZING adventures… today’s slideshow is from Wainui Bay at the edge of Abel Tasman National Park… a short hike in and we landed on our very own quiet, secluded beach… the fact that it is “winter” didn’t keep the kids from the water :).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “Travel Tip #1… Trust the Journey

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