Travel Tip #2… Keep it Simple

Traveling with 8 children is not an easy task… But when traveling is inscribed into ones very DNA, one must follow suit, eight kids or not.

I am by no means an expert on this subject, but I can tell you, I plan to be :).

After doing a fare bit of globe-trotting in the last 15 years, most of it with kids, we’ve learned a few things… thus the “Travel Tips”…

If you choose to follow Travel Tip #1 – Trust the Journey (here’s the link to that), you are going to need Travel Tip #2:  KEEP IT SIMPLE

When you Trust the Journey, you are almost guaranteed to find it impossible to accurately plan ahead.  (!!Freedom!!)  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be Sensible… Just “Keep it Simple”…  Keep in mind the location, the season, the expected weather, your “flavor” of adventure (city, country, water, dessert…) and any specifics (babies, toddlers, special needs…).  Pack ONLY the essentials… which could include your favorite blankie or a pair of fantastic boots… but maybe you can do without them for just a bit… you choose.

We are still experimenting in this arena too, and will keep practicing until we finally get it… Inevitably we overpack in some areas… Rarely do we truly under-pack (there are always creative solutions if something is missing)… And ALWAYS we make it work.

However, I will tell you, the most important thing we pack is…  US!  That’s as simple as it gets… and the best start to a great adventure.

Here’s US at the Naked Possum – Golden Bay region New Zealand
As you can see, I chose to pack my “fantastic boots” on this trip, and I’m happy I did.
They look good don’t they 🙂       


Oh!  … and OF COURSE… don’t forget the Peas!!!

The Full Pod in real life :).

**Also… in the spirit of being Simple AND Sensible we will be sharing a few of the tools-of-our-travel-trade… multipurpose items that make life on the road Simple… keep an eye out for upcoming posts.


2 thoughts on “Travel Tip #2… Keep it Simple

  1. Lloyd is getting really tall. Nice hair the boys have for the winter. Helps to keep their necks warm. Love, to see them all. Meema

  2. Oh man Kalebs hair!!! I love all their facial expressions! I bet the next time I see Lloyd he will be the same height as me!

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