travel tool: Carrying Bub

Baby-Carriers…. With 8 Peas in 11 years, we have been carrying at least one baby around for over a decade… a trusty baby-carrier sure makes the job easier.  We have had this front-pack since our 2006 trip to Europe with Pea#4 (she was 6 months old at the time – we carried her all over Croatia and Italy in this puppy and had a blast!)… Previous to this, we have owned others, but none as fantastic as this “Active” version by Baby Bjorn.  It is durable, comfortable for bub, and comfy for the wearer with its adjustable lumbar support.  I can easily shove this carrier in whatever little nitch is available when packing for our large crew without any trouble and it serves as a makeshift play-mat and changing table on the trail if necessary.

Mama and Pea#8 at Waikoropupu Springs New Zealand 2012… Bubba can face in or out… This was Ted’s first try at forward facing… I will assume that his drooling means he likes it?



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