One Year!

It was one year ago that we set foot on the soil of New Zealand as a family.  July 21, 2011.  

My does time fly!!!

We spent our last day in America at the Beach in LA… the kids’ FIRST time ever at the ocean! We hurried off the beach to meet our shuttle driver, who was in a HUGE hurry and did not want to be bothered with our family of 9 and all our stuff… thus we left some things at the hotel (on purpose) … and changed out of our swimsuits (or ‘togs’ if you’re from NZ) in the airport lobby while checking our bags… all 13 of them.

Waiting for our flight to New Zealand at LAX July 19, 2011.

Our crew of 9 piled into the Sunderland Family’s master bedroom, which we all shared for several months while the Sunderlands were away. (Thanks again guys for sharing your home!!!)

Dusty, Kaleb and big-Bets… our first morning in New Zealand. Bets and James greeted Dusty with the bestest first-morning-in-NewZealand present ever! … a perfect flat white from their fancy espresso machine … Thanks Bets and James for getting us over here and for giving us a great big happy boost right off the bat!

Our first day here we met new friends from Zimbabwe…
And the second day Jake took Dusty up to the Marlborough Sounds for his first pig hunt ever… he got a pig too!

Mama and babies stayed in Christchurch exploring our new surroundings with Tica’s cute sissy Betsy for a tour guide.

With HEAPS of adventures in between… One year later we found ourselves at the beach again…

But this time in Canterbury New Zealand instead of Las Angelas USA.

We celebrated our 1 year date of arrival (July 21) by exploring some of the local beaches that we had not yet seen… Waikuku Beach, the beach at Woodend and The Pines…. But first a picnic! Dusty picked out a fantastic array of cheeses, olives and salami with some Lindt dark chocolate to top it off… Dusty… You’re the Best

The beach isn’t only for summer… a visit to the beach in winter is about foraging and discovery rather than swimming.

Wyatt, Dad and Nalia with pink noses on a chilly day at The Pines Beach Christchurch.

Betsy and Faith… the top seashell hunters for the day.

Aspen and Kaleb… Buds (today anyhow :)).

Littlest-sis and Biggest-bro… Nalia and Lloyd.

The Pines Beach… some of our Peas shell-hunting and the Land Rover Defender we get to use for a season… 10 seater too! What are the odds!

All of us agree that the Greatest Gift we’ve received in New Zealand thus far is the newest addition to our family… made in the USA… born in New Zealand… the one that filled the pod… affectionately known in our house as ‘Tedster’.

Although our path has not been easy… every one of us is completely Grateful for every bit of it…

Thanks to ALL who have been a part of it!

Let the Journey continue….











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