Wharariki Beach at Cape Farewell

Every one of our excursions during our recent stay at Golden Bay (top of South Island New Zealand) was AMAZING… This one however might have topped the chart by just a hair… a short hike through pristine farm land complete with sheep, cattle, rolling green meadows, and even some friendly horses in the parking lot to greet us… this pleasant beginning led us from green pastures to the most amazing soft-sandy beach scene we’ve ever come upon.  When we crested the last hill and stumbled onto the massive expanse of beach before us, there was nothing anyone could dream of but to take off running straight into the inviting arms of the excitement-beauty-adventure before us.

The delights of Wharariki Beach at Cape Farewell…

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2 thoughts on “Wharariki Beach at Cape Farewell

  1. The hilly part reminds me a little bit of that hike down there by Wanaka……the one that nearly killed me. We call it the hot dog hike…….”I have good news and bad news……”

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