travel tools: Footwear…


Footwear…. A crucial item for the adventurer.

In our situation–where we and the Peas spend a large part of our adventuring in the rough… our most worn shoes are Gumboots.

We’ve tried all sorts of gumboots, but have found our favorite to be Bogs.  Most of the boots above are bogs… they have handy handles (for pullin’ yer boots on), insulate from cold better than any snow-boot we’ve ever owned, come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns, and can be purchased in short or high lengths.

The big-boys have another brand that is similar to Bogs from The Muck Boot Company … these are tough boots that perform and insulate just as well as Bogs, but are lacking the handy handles and are not high enough for the deep ‘muck’ our boys like to get into.  Still a good boot.

Then there’s Mama’s boots… she thinks she’d like to look cute even on a hike and found herself a pair of Hunter boots with a wedge… as for Cute-factor they’re AMAZING… can go from beach to forrest to cafe without blinking, easy to walk in and coverage is high up the calf for all elements and adventures.  They do not have handy handles like the Bogs, nor the insulating factor of the other two, but because they’re so Cute Mama doesn’t make a peep about the missing elements, even if her feet are cold after a day at a winter beach.


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