Haircuts (Betsy Pollyanna)

Kids+Scissors=TEMPTATION… there’s a good chance your family has at least one good kid-cut story to share… This is our 2nd.

Several years ago Faith and (cousin) Grace had some fun with scissors on Aspen’s hair, which led to a butch-cut for the little gal, and a prompt decision to pierce the girls’ ears so there would be no mistaking “princess” Aspen for “little-buddy” Aspen.  We all learned our lesson from that one… All except the babies and yet-to-be-born in the family… Thus, Betsy did not have recollection of the repercussions of episode 1 and simply couldn’t resist a chance to experiment with hair-dressing on herself, Nalia and Wyatt…. thus teaching the next batch of Peas about scissors and permission.

HOWEVER the cleanup cuts that I performed following Betsy’s haircutting adventure turned out to be ADORABLE… and… (uh hum)… I’m actually… (Ahem)…glad she did it!  (Sshhh! 🙂 )

Betsy’s and Nalia’s New Dos…



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