Faith’s 9th

February 27, 2013:

“Ah shoot!  Faith’s Birthday in 2 days!  Dangit!”

Nauseous….. Exhausted….. Void of creativity…… Low on cash…

Thinking… thinking… pondering… dwelling…

Worry for 30 seconds…. DESPAIR for 40!!!


“Oh Papa!  You love our little Faith even more than we do!  And you LOVE that her birthday is in two days.  I know You aren’t worried.”



(several hours later)


More like a dimmer switch, turned on low… Faint remembrance of a fun kids cake on Sweetapolita… iPad out…. searching… searching…

Ah Ha!…

Light grows brighter.  Rainbow cake!  I LOVE it!  Happy. Exciting. FUN. Festive!  PERFECT!!!…. ly full of artificial color.  Oh how I dislike eating or serving artificial… dimming… dimming…

Yes, but how can I deny the glimmer of hope found in that moment of inspiration?!

Motivation renewed.

Quickly call craft store, “Must have food dye!”


Quickly call Dusty who is on his commute home “Reroute! MUST HAVE FOOD DYE–closing in 5!”



February 28, 2013:


All of us.

Dusty MUST go to work.  Bummer!

Buuuut… Peas can stay home from school!!!

Nauseous… Tired… Sore throat…. YET… Still inspired by the artificial coloring on the counter.  I cling to this and shove the rest aside.

Rainbow cake ingredient assembly.

Rainbow cake ingredient assembly.

“Ok Pa.  Thanks for the plan.  Here we go.”

Pile of boxes waiting in the garage to be taken to the dump… back into the house for hours of Pea amusement.

Scissors and boxes for hours of fun!  Who can beat that!

Scissors and boxes for hours of fun! Who can beat that!

And HOURS it was.  Mix the batter.  Then layer by layer dye and bake.

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream… oh my lordy lard!  I Love Butter!


Each layer individually dyed and baked, cooled and finally assembled.
Looks like progress!


Kitchen Helper. One cannot have too many of these.

Finished!  No energy left to decorate the house tonight.  But ironically energized just the same.

Totally unassuming cake.  Perfectly so!

Totally unassuming cake. Perfectly so!

“Ah well Papa.  You’ll either give me a fresh spurt like, right now, or  You’ve got a plan for tomorrow.”  (No spurt.)



March 1, 2013:


The boys and I lock Faith in her room with hot cocoa and a snack while we decorate the house.  (We added a rose from the garden too… nice touch eh!)  Lloyd, in all his thoughtfulness, realized the girls being locked in their room might need to use the bathroom; so he ingeniously placed a ladder by their bedroom window so they could access the great-outdoors if they happened to be in need of relief.  This of course only added to the fun of the day.

“Oh my Sweet Father, You are so perfectly Genius!”

Stunning decor from last minute creativity and miscellaneous craft items in the cupboard… all inspired by the (artificially colored) Rainbow Cake.

“You nailed it Father!  Thank You!!!”


Enjoy the show!

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6 thoughts on “Faith’s 9th

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  2. Happy Happy Birthday (late of course :)). Loved all the decorations and how amazing you all are and of course the wonderful cake! Wish I could’ve been in NZ to celebrate with you! Love you

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