Teddy’s One!

Hardly seems possible that an entire YEAR has gone by since Ted’s birth here in New Zealand!  What an absolute pleasure for all of us to celebrate our precious little ‘Teddy Bear’… baby number 8.5 who really shouldn’t be here in our 2.5 child society.

How HAPPY we are that he is!!!

Ted’s birthday did not follow the route of Faith’s (can read about her’s here) but took on an entirely different life.  This time around his actual birthday, March 14, was celebrated simply with a fun meal of fish n chips ordered from the local pub–full on Kiwi style for our first Kiwi baby.

We of course HAD to throw an actual party even if not on the actual day.  Not as much for Ted who didn’t know what was going on!  But for the sake of the rest of the us who would have been devastated to not have a proper celebration for our baby boy.

Three days later we pulled it off… teddy bear cake by Mom; birthday decorations by Lloyd; photography by Dad; enthusiasm by Peas; additional guests to make a party Jake, Anna, Leah,  Dave and Ben.


And here are a few extra photos just so you all know that Ted is actually a very happy, smiley child except when shocked under birthday party pressure.




8 thoughts on “Teddy’s One!

  1. LOVE! AND the smiling photos of the best – I can picture him perfectly now! As he is so close in age to River.
    Good job on the cake – you have skills!!! I don’t think I will ever create a cake that awesome! GOOD JOB!

    • Thanks Karen! VERY late in responding 🙂 Quick tip on this cake that worked amazingly was to make a batch of “cake truffle”… crumble cake scraps (or a whole cake if need be) and mix the crumbs with enough frosting to make moldable “cake truffle” to form the more detailed parts like the arms and legs and snout. I wish I could remember where I found that little tid-bit to give credit to the right person for the brilliant idea, but sadly cannot. Anyhow… its a fun little trick to have up your sleeve for later 🙂
      And CONGRATS on the new angel-baby boy at your house!!! Welcome Welcome Little Levi!

  2. Happy Birthday Wee-Man! Looks like your getting a bit shaggy. But I guess as we approach summer, you’re now approaching winter, so….let it grow! Can’t wait to squeeze you!

    Love you….poppi

  3. I finally figured out how to respond to you. I am not a tech wizard yet!!
    Loved the pictures. So fun to see your life. Makes me miss you more.
    Keep em coming

  4. Thanks for putting up so many pictures in your last two posts! I LOVE getting to see your amazing family! That cake is so great for Ted!! I think maybe once you aren’t raising all you kids and what not you could teach the rest of us cousins all your amazing skills! Well they probably don’t need to be taught but I sure do!! Love you Tica!

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