Guess Who Just Turned SIX

It’s still Birthday Season at the Schad house, and the latest life to celebrate was BETSY POLLYANNA!


Our baby-angel turned a whopping 6 years old on March 30.

The day was extra special this year as her birthday fell on a Saturday, which means “Daddy’s home!”  AND Saturday’s birthday was trailed by Easter Sunday.  The fun just never stopped!

Wonder of wonders, Betsy slept in on her big day!!!  So Faith and Aspen woke her with flowers from the garden and helped her dress up for the day.

The older Peas were given tools and instructions for the morning while Mom, Dad and the littlest took Betsy to a coffee shop… a real treat!!  In true kiwi-kid fashion Betsy ordered a “fluffy”… a small cup filled with just foamed milk and a sprinkling of cocoa… fluffy’s are almost always served with a marshmallow and/or other “lolly” on the side.  (Are you Americans following my lingo?)

Our coffee-date with Little Miss Six Year Old Princess was followed by a trip to the supermarket where the birthday girl was allowed to choose any cereal she wanted to bring home for lunch.  She chose Kellogs fruit-filled mini wheats.  Mmmm.


Our time away was just enough for the older Peas to decorate the house and prepare the day for the 6 Year Old Birthday Princess… Kaleb even made a sweet little flower crown for the occasion.



THEN… lucky us…  A big surprise!

While relishing the last bites of their cereal (a rare treat at this house) the Peas heard a familiar horn beeping and looked out to see our very good friends Harley and Sue pulling up the drive.  Harley always honks as he comes down our drive to alert the kids of their arrival.  Sue and Harley are in the midst of a 6 month travel-adventure and we were so excited they made time to stop by to see us as they were passing through!  They brought smiles to all (especially Betsy who thought their arrival impeccable!) and two big bags of apples from Nelson.  Yum!



 A cup of tea in the back yard with our New Zealand grandparents on a PERFECT sunny day… how can you beat that! …


… Unless of course you’re talking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (unavailable to us in New Zealand).  But thanks to a package that arrived from Aunt Jodi a couple weeks before we had the goods on hand for a spectacular six year old birthday dinner.


Dinner was 100% Pea Perfect!… Kraft macaroni and cheese, sliced carrots, and “cheerios” (in kiwi land “cheerios” are mini sausages or hot-dogs covered in a red casing; they are well known kid-party-food here in New Zealand… the “cheerios” are meant to be red, but I boiled the red casings right off them… now they look like… well anyway, they’re cooked).


  This day was almost completely and totally void of all nutrition, but jam packed full of fun.  What can I say… sometimes you just gotta go with it.

And most importantly, our Princess knew without a doubt that this day was totally HERS.


Mid-afternoon Birthday Craft. This fun craft filled the gap between tea with Harley and Sue and dinner… plus helped prepare for Easter! (Will post more details on this activity later).

And don’t forget the CAKE!


Angel food cake for our Baby Angel.  Homemade and gluten free of course.  Turned out amazing!  I used Alton Browns recipe at this link and frosted it with lightly sweetened whipped cream topped with mixed berries.  Served up with a scoop of strawberry ice-cream… Magnificent!

A perfect ending to a perfect Six Year Old day.



5 thoughts on “Guess Who Just Turned SIX

  1. That was so great! Fantastic that Sue and Harley arrived to celebrate too.
    Happy Birthday again.
    You all did a fabulous job making a special day for Betsy.
    It is heart warming to see how you have made every birthday special for each other.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    I must admit my eyes are ” sweating” as I long to be there too.
    Love, Meema

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