Breakfast Served: One Eyed Bandits (Pancake Style)

Breakfast is our Pod’s favorite meal.

We RELISH weekend and holiday mornings when we can linger over coffee while fixing up a Great Big Breakfast… usually turned brunch by the time we finish preparing it.  Oh the Luxury of mornings like those!

BUT even on quick-breakfast mornings, it is our most important meal… sets the stage for the rest of the day… and ALWAYS includes some form of protein.*

(*Tip: If you struggle with general fatigue throughout your days, you might consider looking at what the first thing you put in your mouth each day is.  From our experience… straight up carbohydrates=tired, lethargic, fuzz-brain… quality protein and/or good fat=awake, alert, energetic.)

This morning we made one of the Peas’ favorites–One Eyed Bandits… traditionally made by cooking an egg inside a piece of buttered bread with a hole cut in the middle… Today we made a Pancake version of this recipe and Lloyd thought we should share it.  So between the two of us we took some photos of the process for this tasty Good Morning Meal.

Today’s Bandits were made quickly and easily due to the fact that I had leftover pancake batter and leftover syrup from one of last weeks meals.  When making pancakes I often mix up an extra big batch of batter as it keeps well for several days in the fridge… good for a quick afternoon snack or for an addition to a future breakfast.  I do the same with the homemade syrup we use… the one that everyone in this house LOVES… a recipe passed down from my Grandmother… which I will pass on to you at the end of this post.  If for no other reason, Grandma’s Syrup will make this post worth reading.  The syrup (like the batter) keeps for a long while in the fridge and is great to have on hand for lots of reasons beyond pancakes and One Eyed Bandits; such as gently sweetening and flavoring coffee or oatmeal.

Last tidbit before the show… I made my One Eyed Bandits in a small frying pan one at a time as that is what I had on hand to cook with, plus the pan size helped me keep the size of each Bandit uniform; although it looks laborious I find that the process does not take too long because it is so rhythmic.  However, a flat griddle would also be a fantastic choice, and a great way to make several at the same time to get the job done even faster.


Begin by heating your pan or griddle to about medium-heat… adjust this as you go… hot enough to cook golden and not too hot so they burn… on our stove, just below medium is perfect.


Melt a small pat of butter on your pan or griddle and spread to cover the surface.


Pour pancake batter carefully around the edge of the pan to make an open ring for your egg to sit in.

IMG_8771Add one egg to the center of the pancake ring.

IMG_8772Sprinkle egg with salt and pepper to taste.

Leave to cook on this side until the white is at least half cooked.


Flip your One Eyed Bandit.  If you flip it while the egg is too runny you’ll have a big mess and your cute little pancake/egg package will not be so tidy.  Although I’m sure still yummy… so don’t be put off if it doesn’t flip just right… carry on.

IMG_8779Let cook on second side till egg is cooked to your liking… we cook ours about 30 seconds on the second side to finish cooking the white, leaving the yolk runny.  Remove to serving plate.

Top with a little syrup.  (We all think Grandma Marcile’s is Best… see below for recipe.)

IMG_8832Dig in!

Grandma Marcile Brost’s Syrup (two versions)

Original version:

1 c. Corn Syrup

1 c. Brown Sugar

1 c. Heavy Cream

Add all ingredient to a sauce pan and cook (stirring) over medium heat to a low boil.  Let simmer for an additional minute.  Done!

Alternate version:

1 c. White Sugar + 1/4 c. Water

1 c. Brown Sugar

1 c. Heavy Cream

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

First bring the White Sugar and Water to a boil for about 1 minute (for a corn syrup substitute); then add the Brown Sugar and Heavy Cream.  Bring to a low boil over medium heat while stirring and let simmer for an additional minute.  Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.  Done!

***See my Auntie Kristy’s comment below for a little more detail on this recipe’s origin.  I absolutely trust Kristy when it comes to cooking.  She knows!

***Another of my Aunties, Corine, also has some SUPER TIPS on Grandma’s recipe (my Grandma is their Mom, so they KNOW what they’re talking about!)… Have a look at the comments.


6 thoughts on “Breakfast Served: One Eyed Bandits (Pancake Style)

  1. Numm! Actually the recipe is from your Great Grandma Luella Amsberry! That’s your Grandma Marcile’s Mother:-) You only have to bring it to a boil and it will keep for years!!!

  2. This does look so yummy! I love how you add the little details and the photos!
    I have tried the syrup with substitutes that don’t work here they are:
    – don’t use 1/2n1/2 it won’t get thick enough
    – dark karo syrup gives it to strong a taste so only use clear light karo
    – dark brown sugar is best to give the most Carmel taste
    Love u all

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