Braggin ’bout Benedict

Breakfast is hands-down our favorite meal at the Schad Pod.

And although we eat a decent breakfast every day of the week, weekends get special treatment and extra TLC.

Generally we don’t have breakfast till 11-ish as we like to take our time on weekend mornings.  We make a nice hearty breakfast that carries us through to dinner–which helps stretch the food budget–very helpful right now!

But best of all we get to do it together… Dusty and I…. making Breakfast that is 😉

Now, today’s post is all about one of our FAVORITE weekend breakfasts…

Eggs Benedict

And mostly it is to brag on my Dusty for PERFECTING said meal.

What makes his Benedict different from the norm?

1-The base is a crispy hash brown patty instead of an english muffin.

2-His eggs are the silkiest smoothest most perfect crepe-like eggs that ever were folded atop a pile of bacon!

3-I reckon a hefty dose of Love is what gives the extra shove to push these babies to the top of the charts.


Dusty has grown accustomed to my dashing for the camera when I get particularly excited about a gorgeous looking meal.

He is NOT fond, however, of his own photo being snapped.

But I snuck a shot anyway just to document the reality of the artist and chef who created the plate you just drooled over.

(You did drool didn’t you?)


By the way… He would be more than happy to fix YOU a plate when you next decide to grace us with your presence here in New Zealand.


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