“Hot Tina”

The girls are on school holiday for the next two weeks, which means I am up at 5:45 a.m. to get Dusty off to work and will likely have a good 2 hours to myself while the kids sleep in!  Which means that YOU will likely hear from me more often since my favorite past-time of late is bloggin’.

I wrote the other day about a new hot drink we are recently exploring.  You can read about it’s unexpected jump into my shopping cart here.

That drink is OVALTINE.

Or as we have come to call it in our house “Hot Tina“.  Mmm Hmmm.

I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before!  And as I noted in my referred-to post, I felt it was an out-going supermarket item (just cuz I don’t drink it 😉 ) but apparently NOT.

Today’s bloggin’ feature is going to be THE PERFECT CUP OF “HOT TINA”

Yes. Ma’am.  Oh, we’ve figured this Ovaltine thing out!

Start here…

To top up your cuppa Hot Tina you may be interested in these little factoids about Ovaltine:

-Ovaltine was developed in Switzerland in 1904 where it was known as Ovomaltine

-In 1909 Ovomaltine was exported to Britain where, because of a misspelling when registering the trademark, its name shifted to ‘Ovaltine’.

-Thailand is the #1 consumer of Ovaltine.

-Brazil is the second highest consumer of Ovaltine in the world.  The flagship product of their top-fast-food-chain “Bob’s” is Ovaltine milkshakes (they call it “Ovomaltine” like the Swiss).

-To my amazement Ovaltine is popular all over the world!  Britain, Switzerland, United States, China.  It didn’t work out very well in Japan.  However Australia loves it (which is where my bottle came from) and they even make the powder into “ovalteenies” which are round tablets of compressed Ovaltine eaten as candy.

-If you’re extra-curious you can check the US Ovaltine web-site here or Ovaltine UK here.

At Ovaltine UK they tell me that pregnant Mama’s should drink Ovaltine…
Mkay here I go!

6 thoughts on ““Hot Tina”

    • Well, have to admit, at first I thought, What is this article about my gorgeous sister, TINA???! Only to discover this great drink! HA!! Grandma Tica LOVED Ovaltine, and I kept it as a staple when the older girls were young. Hey, does some coffee added make this a Hot Mocha Tina??? Try saying that one fast, three times- LOL!!:)

  1. Ovaltine or “Hot Tina” as you call it is a staple in the Messinger household! Glad you discovered this delightful versatile beverage!! 👍

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