The Princess is THREE.

So Nalia’s THREE.

Fully GIRL



the theme of her day was inspired by Barbie (specifically “Barbie in the Pink Shoes”)…

and therefore was necessarily


Our Lead Decorator was Lloyd… so much so that he had to FIX some of Mama’s decorating mis-haps.  (What a turning of the tables that was!)  He did a spectacular job creating the perfect Pink-Pallet from which to launch our Princess Party.


Kaleb wasn’t into decorating, but perked right up when Mama asked for a Baking-Buddy.


And this is what Kaleb and Mama came up with…

Gluten-free Vanilla Cake with piles of Fluffy Pink Butter-Cream Icing.

(Inspired by this recipe from Sweetapolita.)


Monty Christo’s on croissants with Honey-Cider dressed Salad Greens.


And then Presents…

Followed by CAKE…



Plus a little Surprise from Nalia to Mom and Dad…

Our Princess decided to Potty-Train herself completely out of the blue with absolutely no interest previously!


(As I write this post… it’s now been 4 days and she STILL uses the potty EVERY time!!!)

This wee thing…


This GORGEOUS baby-angel…

This little Three-year-old with exquisite three-year-old manners…


THIS Precious child KNOWS…


That she’s a


And so do we.


We Love you!



11 thoughts on “The Princess is THREE.

  1. Wow what a beautiful princess!!
    Caleb I was wondering if you could email me your secret to such fluffy butter cream frosting….as this is my favorite frosting and mine is not fluffy like yours.
    You are a wonderful chef! Great job!!

    • Thanks for asking Auntie! Kaleb and my secret is in whipping the butter all by itself for a good long time (we’d say 8-10 minutes) until it is REALLY light and fluffy BEFORE adding the rest of the ingredients. We did this at the suggestion of “Sweetapolita” who really knows her stuff when it comes to cakes and icing! And YES it does work!!

  2. Hello all you cute Schads of New Zealand. That was so wonderful to get to share the Princess is 3 birthday party….via internet….blog
    You all did a fabulous job getting the party together.
    Potty trained!!!That is a great accomplishment for a three year old princess.
    Poppi and I have been staying at Lloyd and Jennys’ this past week. The bikers were in our house for the last week with the Sturgis Rally going on.
    I have not had internet on my computer….so have not checked my mail for awhile.
    That party looked so fun. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Meema
    ps We got to spend the last few days with Jeremy, Polly, Aliyah, Avalon, Brekken,Jeff(guy who works for Jer) and Kristi. The Parries brought Kristi home . S
    She got as far as Sioux Falls with the people she knew from S Carolina Crew summer.
    Any way …thanks for the birthday story

    • Yeah Mom… Potty trained in one day! I am still shocked! She hardly wets at night either! That totally shocked us as she sincerely hadn’t shown ANY interest AT ALL in potty training previously. She would get mad when I asked her about using the toilet. So I stopped asking. What an excellent surprise! And so great to see that these things DO HAPPEN without the need for my striving and pushing to make it so.

  3. HBD Cookie! And good job on using the potty!! Pretty soon you’ll be able to drive. Better stay on the right (I mean left) side of the road though. When we come visit we’ll have to go get a pink ice cream cone…. (you can drive) love you! Poppi

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