NZ Fathers Day 2013

A little Father’s Day trivia because today, September 1, 2013 is Father’s Day in New Zealand but is NOT Father’s Day in our country of origin, the United States of America.

According to my google search there are several countries in the world that set aside a special day to honor Fathers and Father-figures.  The highest percentage of these countries celebrate Fathers Day on the third Sunday of June… including the USA, Canada and the UK.  However, a couple of us are celebrating Fathers TODAY, the first Sunday of September; we are New Zealand and Australia.

And at our house, we do indeed have a Very Special Daddy to celebrate on this first Sunday of September!

↓↓↓HE’S THE GUY↓↓↓


↓Who is ADORED by these↓



We spent this beautiful Sunny day at home at Goodwin Cottage

Beginning with cards from the Peas, and a Fathers Day Treasure Hunt created by Lloyd…

Followed by a hearty breakfast of French Toast and Homemade Sausage… of which this was the remnant…



And some time at the creek fishing for white-bait… a New Zealand delicacy this time of year… that none of us like to eat very well… but the Peas and ‘Daddy’ have loads of fun catching them for people we know who DO like it!

Happy Fathers Day to our AWESOME Daddy… Dusty… “Durt”!!!


to the MANY other “Daddy’s” out there that we know and Love!


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