Anticipating Baby Pea

Just a quick note as we count the days until ‘Baby Pea’ enters our arms.  

Already he is in our hearts (literally ‘under’ mine)… and we cannot wait until we can see him… touch him… cuddle him……. smell him :).

That is assuming the ultrasound was correct and Bubba is in fact a “him”… what fun we would have if HE was a SHE :)!

See what I mean!  

There is mystery to be  unveiled, and its right around the corner!

So TODAY, to start things off, we are opening a new Category on our blog, anticipating the arrival of ‘Baby Pea’ and kicking it off with his first Post announcing to Baby Pea… 

“WE ARE SO EXCITED to meet you!!!  

Prepare to be smothered and Loved beyond your reckoning, 

you Sweet and Precious Child of Heaven!”

♥ Mama, Daddy and the rest of The Peas


Almost there!


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