Back on the Blog

After such a long absence there is so much to show… so much to tell!

But where to begin?!


How about:

H  E  L  L  O !!!

We have missed you so!


It’s been 6 months (too long) since we last posted and I know it would be most appropriate to post updates on the family… the kids growth and new adventures… birthdays… new puppies… and happenings at The Cottage.  But I have had a single post on my mind for far too long now and simply MUST post about OATMEAL first and foremost.

Why the heck ‘Oatmeal??’ you ask.

Well why the heck not!  We’ve done this blog tipsy topsy already, might as well carry on. 😉

Be seeing you shortly over a bowl of porridge.

Glad to be back!!!


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