Introducing Dusten River!

Introducing Dusten River Schad

(born February 4, 2016  6:20am 7 lb 1 oz at Rangiora Maternity Hospital, New Zealand)

Our Best YES yet!

Don’t get me wrong… Saying YES to number 1 was beyond Amazing!!!! Better-Than-We-Ever-Imagined-Possible!!!

And saying YES to each one thereafter… Icing Icing Icing on the cake!

To say YES to any endeavour stamps NO on many others. Puts other Dreams and Desires on the back burner.  Each consecutive YES to adding peas to the pod was that much harder to make. Each new YES meant more…. Self aside. Comfort aside. Workload increased. Resources stretched further… But also More Blessing.

Hands down, no question, without a single doubt each YES has made us Abundantly Richer!!

So Number Ten… Lucky last… You’ve been our toughest and Best YES yet! And our world will forever be More Beautiful because of you!

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