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NZ Fathers Day 2013

A little Father’s Day trivia because today, September 1, 2013 is Father’s Day in New Zealand but is NOT Father’s Day in our country of origin, the United States of America. According to my google search there are several countries in the world that set aside a special day to honor Fathers and Father-figures.  The … Continue reading

Braggin ’bout Benedict

Breakfast is hands-down our favorite meal at the Schad Pod. And although we eat a decent breakfast every day of the week, weekends get special treatment and extra TLC. Generally we don’t have breakfast till 11-ish as we like to take our time on weekend mornings.  We make a nice hearty breakfast that carries us … Continue reading

Butcher Block

The second piece of handiwork I will highlight in Durt’s Corner is not the benches I promised you (those are still to be made). Dusty’s inspiration was turned in another direction after Saturday’s trip to the junk treasure yard. While rummaging through what looked like a huge pile of rubbish to find the jarrah wood Dusty … Continue reading


Durt’s Corner has been empty for far too long and I have just the thing to kick things off… I’m going to show off a bit of the wood-work my oh-so-talented hubby is so good at creating.  Although not near as entertaining as a story from Durt himself, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. First … Continue reading