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Braggin ’bout Benedict

Breakfast is hands-down our favorite meal at the Schad Pod. And although we eat a decent breakfast every day of the week, weekends get special treatment and extra TLC. Generally we don’t have breakfast till 11-ish as we like to take our time on weekend mornings.  We make a nice hearty breakfast that carries us … Continue reading

Asian Chicken Salad

I just received my first recipe request! A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of dining with Becca and Suzie Goodwin. (A couple of the originals of “Goodwin Cottage“.  They currently reside in Dunedin New Zealand where they attend University, but they took the time to travel up for a weekend to spend time … Continue reading

Creative Corned Beef

Tuesday and Wednesday in our home become the most creative cooking days of all.  We do our shopping once a week on Wednesday after dinner so by Tuesday/Wednesday the pantry shelves have generally dwindled to the nubbins. This Wednesday was no different and I was hard-pressed to figure WHAT I was going to make for … Continue reading

Breakfast Served: One Eyed Bandits (Pancake Style)

Breakfast is our Pod’s favorite meal. We RELISH weekend and holiday mornings when we can linger over coffee while fixing up a Great Big Breakfast… usually turned brunch by the time we finish preparing it.  Oh the Luxury of mornings like those! BUT even on quick-breakfast mornings, it is our most important meal… sets the … Continue reading

Scant-Beginnings … Jamie … YUM!

Occasionally I lament this place of restriction and limited resource as confessed the other day on “unplugged” (you can read that drama here if you missed it). But mostly I have discovered that the Gift usually waiting behind restriction is CREATIVITY.  Remember the English proverb “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”? — SO TRUE! Yesterday was an example … Continue reading