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Introducing Dusten River!

Introducing Dusten River Schad (born February 4, 2016  6:20am 7 lb 1 oz at Rangiora Maternity Hospital, New Zealand) Our Best YES yet! Don’t get me wrong… Saying YES to number 1 was beyond Amazing!!!! Better-Than-We-Ever-Imagined-Possible!!! And saying YES to each one thereafter… Icing Icing Icing on the cake! To say YES to any endeavour stamps NO on many … Continue reading

Jolly Holiday

After such a long absence from writing… be it blogging, emails, journaling, letters…. I cannot think of any smooth way to slip back into the previous flow. So we’re just gonna jump right in: MERRY CHRISTMAS! In July. 😉 Cuz see… Down here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s  W I N T E R. Really … Continue reading

Back on the Blog

After such a long absence there is so much to show… so much to tell! But where to begin?! How about: H  E  L  L  O !!! We have missed you so!   It’s been 6 months (too long) since we last posted and I know it would be most appropriate to post updates on … Continue reading

He’s Here!!!

I cannot tell you how EXCITED we are to publish this long-awaited post!!! It’s our Absolute Pleasure to introduce you to LUKAS BEAU SCHAD our 9th baby… born at 9:09 a.m October 4, 2013 Rangiora Maternity, Rangiora New Zealand weighing in at 6 lbs. 10 oz. What an Incredible Gift!!!   We are THRILLED that … Continue reading

The Stuff of Real Life

…in today’s case… LICE. Yup. We have just had our first encounter with the pests. And although something inside tells me I’m “supposed” to be quiet and shy about the subject, I cannot. Because this is the Stuff of Life that I need others talk about freely so that I can more easily navigate through … Continue reading