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The Stuff of Real Life

…in today’s case… LICE. Yup. We have just had our first encounter with the pests. And although something inside tells me I’m “supposed” to be quiet and shy about the subject, I cannot. Because this is the Stuff of Life that I need others talk about freely so that I can more easily navigate through … Continue reading

NZ Fathers Day 2013

A little Father’s Day trivia because today, September 1, 2013 is Father’s Day in New Zealand but is NOT Father’s Day in our country of origin, the United States of America. According to my google search there are several countries in the world that set aside a special day to honor Fathers and Father-figures.  The … Continue reading


Kaleb’s 11th Birthday Post must begin with the END… because this 11 year old knew EXACTLY what this day was about for him. More than the decorations and fanfare and cake and candles was The Finale… the much anticipated, long awaited, Birthday Gift. The rest of the day was strategically planned to most quickly and enjoyably arrive … Continue reading

Cloth Diapering

This has been a season of Efficiency for us. We have learned SO MUCH as life has carried us… and steered us into territory we may not have readily ventured into without a nudge. Isn’t Life good that way! We felt it might be helpful to share bits and pieces of what we have stumbled into along … Continue reading

(Wyatt) I’m FIVE!!!

Yes sir-ee as of August 14 WYATT IS FIVE!!! So Lloyd and Mama had a “Car” birthday theme all picked out for Wyatt’s big-day, that is, until Wyatt announced to us matter-of-factly the day before his birthday … “I’m having a Dinosaur cake for my birthday tomorrow.” Al-righty then… Who can argue with the Birthday … Continue reading