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Glorious Age 8

It seems this leg of our New Zealand journey has bull-dozed to a climax in the last three months.  Three years of planning, purging, uprooting, traveling, camping, adventuring, struggling, rejoicing all bottle-necked in October/Novemeber/December of 2013. And right in the midst of the intensity of that time our Precious little Aspen had a special day … Continue reading

He’s Here!!!

I cannot tell you how EXCITED we are to publish this long-awaited post!!! It’s our Absolute Pleasure to introduce you to LUKAS BEAU SCHAD our 9th baby… born at 9:09 a.m October 4, 2013 Rangiora Maternity, Rangiora New Zealand weighing in at 6 lbs. 10 oz. What an Incredible Gift!!!   We are THRILLED that … Continue reading

Anticipating Baby Pea

Just a quick note as we count the days until ‘Baby Pea’ enters our arms.   Already he is in our hearts (literally ‘under’ mine)… and we cannot wait until we can see him… touch him… cuddle him……. smell him :). That is assuming the ultrasound was correct and Bubba is in fact a “him”… … Continue reading


Kaleb’s 11th Birthday Post must begin with the END… because this 11 year old knew EXACTLY what this day was about for him. More than the decorations and fanfare and cake and candles was The Finale… the much anticipated, long awaited, Birthday Gift. The rest of the day was strategically planned to most quickly and enjoyably arrive … Continue reading

(Wyatt) I’m FIVE!!!

Yes sir-ee as of August 14 WYATT IS FIVE!!! So Lloyd and Mama had a “Car” birthday theme all picked out for Wyatt’s big-day, that is, until Wyatt announced to us matter-of-factly the day before his birthday … “I’m having a Dinosaur cake for my birthday tomorrow.” Al-righty then… Who can argue with the Birthday … Continue reading