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Homemade Instant Oatmeal (Kaleb)

Oatmeal is served at least once a week at the Schad-Shed.  The kids’ recent favorite is a Homemade version of Instant-Oatmeal.  Kaleb is our go-to-chef for this recipe and he thought you all might like to try it too… Great Idea Kaleb! So here ya’r!  Homemade Instant Oatmeal by Kaleb… 1.  Collect your Ingredients and … Continue reading

Moon Dough

Here’s another EASY and FUN project to try with your Peas… or someone else’s if you don’t have any around. I do recommend having a vacuum on hand for followup-cleanup.  Or if the weather is nice, do it outside.  But don’t let this tip put you off! This project is SO EASY!  And it occupied … Continue reading

Jello Play-dough

WE’RE BACK!!!!  Miss us??? After a month long trip to the States… leaving Daddy and seven Peas behind to cope without Mama… and another month to catch up after returning… We’re back in business Baby! We’ll kick off this new season of Blog-posts with a Project for Peas… Jello Play-dough or if you live in New … Continue reading


Thanks to an idea and a crate from Simon, and some “pirate” stimulation from Uncle Cody… the boys have spent the last days hard at work designing and building their Pirate Ship.

Kids Cooking with Nature

One of the Peas from the Pod next door has been keen to experiment with some of the plant life we have around the property… I think that is a GREAT idea!  I love inquisitive minds! This week’s experiment was with Nettle.  You know, the pretty green plant, that when touched STINGS you! Well, I’ve … Continue reading