Introducing Dusten River!

Introducing Dusten River Schad (born February 4, 2016  6:20am 7 lb 1 oz at Rangiora Maternity Hospital, New Zealand) Our Best YES yet! Don’t get me wrong… Saying YES to number 1 was beyond Amazing!!!! Incredible Ethereal Magical Better-Than-We-Ever-Imagined-Possible!!! And saying YES to each one thereafter… Icing Icing Icing on the cake! To say YES to … Continue reading

Jolly Holiday

After such a long absence from writing… be it blogging, emails, journaling, letters…. I cannot think of any smooth way to slip back into the previous flow. So we’re just gonna jump right in: MERRY CHRISTMAS! In July. 😉 Cuz see… Down here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s  W I N T E R. Really … Continue reading

Fussy Oatmeal

So it’s taken me much longer to write to you about oatmeal than I though it would!  Funny how life does that.  Our wee Nalia decided to have herself an adventure by trying out the world of seizures.  Yeah, I know, a silly thing to do when you are 4, or any age for that … Continue reading

Back on the Blog

After such a long absence there is so much to show… so much to tell! But where to begin?! How about: H  E  L  L  O !!! We have missed you so!   It’s been 6 months (too long) since we last posted and I know it would be most appropriate to post updates on … Continue reading

Glorious Age 8

It seems this leg of our New Zealand journey has bull-dozed to a climax in the last three months.  Three years of planning, purging, uprooting, traveling, camping, adventuring, struggling, rejoicing all bottle-necked in October/Novemeber/December of 2013. And right in the midst of the intensity of that time our Precious little Aspen had a special day … Continue reading