What happened to “Being BigSis”???

August 21, 2013

In the last week it has been kindly brought to my attention that articles by BigSis were overly-dominating what was meant to be a Light-hearted, Fun, Family Blog.

Although I admit this struck a tender nerve in me, I ultimately DO agree, and have therefore decided to pull all content from “Being BigSis” and “BE the Body” to bring “A Full Pod back to its original program.

However, now that BigSis has been released it is hard to tuck her back in her box again.

And therefore she lives on

via a new space on the web where she can do her thang in all her BigSis-ness without disturbing those that prefer her silence.

Someone once told me I was like “Butter over Bread”.  I have thought of that word often and it has helped me to understand that in some camps BigSis will be heartily embraced and in others utterly rejected.

I’ve come to realize that some people don’t like Butter.

I KNOW!  It’s difficult to believe!

But in all sincerity, some really don’t like it.  And that’s OK.  And some have been taught it is bad for their health and therefore refuse to eat it.  And still others believe it is best ingested in moderation.  And then there are those (like myself) that happily slather thick layers of butter on already butter-laden croissants and gleefully use the goody in all sorts of cooking because it tastes delicious, beautifully enhances many dishes, and (without being ridiculously overeaten) has ALSO had studies that have proven it to be HEALTHY for our bodies.  (You can be sure to hear more on this later 😉 ).

In any case.

If you feel your soul’s diet would benefit from a portion of Butter, aka BigSis, please feel free to click your way over to my tea-room at beingbigsis.wordpress.com.

If you prefer to stay where its lighthearted and full of Pea Energy (also a great place to be!) stay where you are.

And of course you can visit Both as they do function hand in hand.

Wherever you might choose to join me (us) for a moment or two in the midst of your own busy lives, I am forever grateful for your company.

♥ BigSis


You are Welcome here!


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