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Kaleb’s 11th Birthday Post must begin with the END… because this 11 year old knew EXACTLY what this day was about for him. More than the decorations and fanfare and cake and candles was The Finale… the much anticipated, long awaited, Birthday Gift. The rest of the day was strategically planned to most quickly and enjoyably arrive … Continue reading

Homemade Instant Oatmeal (Kaleb)

Oatmeal is served at least once a week at the Schad-Shed.  The kids’ recent favorite is a Homemade version of Instant-Oatmeal.  Kaleb is our go-to-chef for this recipe and he thought you all might like to try it too… Great Idea Kaleb! So here ya’r!  Homemade Instant Oatmeal by Kaleb… 1.  Collect your Ingredients and … Continue reading


Thanks to an idea and a crate from Simon, and some “pirate” stimulation from Uncle Cody… the boys have spent the last days hard at work designing and building their Pirate Ship.

Kaleb 2012

Kaleb is our second born baby.  Easy going and full of fun, he’s a natural at… everything! Age:  9 Birthday:  August 23 Favorite Color:  Orange Favorite Food:  Mac N Cheese (Reminiscent of America, but not available here in NZ) Favorite Treat:  Caramel Corn Favorite Thing to Do:  Learning Martial Arts (of which he is a … Continue reading