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Faith’s 9th

February 27, 2013: “Ah shoot!  Faith’s Birthday in 2 days!  Dangit!” Nauseous….. Exhausted….. Void of creativity…… Low on cash… Thinking… thinking… pondering… dwelling… Worry for 30 seconds…. DESPAIR for 40!!! LIGHTBULB “Oh Papa!  You love our little Faith even more than we do!  And you LOVE that her birthday is in two days.  I know … Continue reading

Ants on a Log, by Faith

One of Faith’s recent projects has been to describe the process of making Ants On a Log (aka celery with peanut butter and raisins). A great Project for young Peas! Here’s Faithy! STEP 1 – Take out your tools and ingredients… Tools: cutting-board, knife Ingredients: celery, peanut butter, raisins Step 2 – Wash the celery. … Continue reading

Faith 2012

Faith is our third born baby and our first born baby girl.  She’s been nicknamed by Poppi, the “Blizzard-Baby” after her exciting birth at home due to a huge spring blizzard.  She is THE BEST helper ever, always ready to lend a hand! Age:  8 Birthday:  March 1 Favorite Color:  Light Blue Favorite Food:  Pigs … Continue reading